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Atlas of the superficial venous system of lower limbs through Multislice Computed Tomography Angiography

The idea behind this book sparked by the CT scan images of a patient affected by an arteriovenous leg ulcer and the following quest for a solution. The use of new and increasing performing software for image processing has “accidentally” brought us to elaborate a 3D rendering showing a marvelous picture of a perforator vein in the thigh area, that otherwise would have been difficult to diagnose through the traditional ultrasound method. This allowed us to better understand the problem and efficiently treat the patient. Subsequently we have revaluated other CT scans, previously performed on other patients, applying the same methodology. This atlas is divided into chapters dedicated to each anatomic district of the lower limbs, analyzed individually, pairing an explicative 3D CT image to an anatomical drawing and to a short and concise description. To each 3D image we dedicated a full page to obtain a higher graphic resolution and allow a general overview. The reader will have the opportunity to understand the anatomy not only from a theoretical point of view but to visualize it in the 3D space, that we emphasize being the real-life view experience during surgical practice. We have involved in this project some of the Italian leading experts in phlebology, which we thank for having enthusiastically cooperate at drafting this book new and unique in our field. Our expectation is for this Atlas to be a useful tool to better understand pathologies in order to prescribe ever efficient treatments. 

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Autore Marco P. Viani, Fabio M. Calliari, Silvia Stegher
Numero di pagine 176

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