SECURITY AND INTEGRATION: Ideas and proposals on the new frontiers of the migratory phenomenon

SECURITY AND INTEGRATION: Ideas and proposals on the new frontiers of the migratory phenomenon


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Andrea Gentile, criminal lawyer, Researcher in Criminal Law at the San Raffaele University of Rome and already holder of a supplementary teaching contract in Criminal Law of Medical Sciences and Biotechnology at the University L.U.I.S.S. “Guido Carli”, is the author of several articles and sentences in scientific journals and co-author of legal volumes. Among his recent publications: “Right of asylum and refugee status in Italian Law” in “Asylum Seekers, Refugees in Italy”, Guerini ed. (2015) and, “Environmental Crimes and Legislative Decree. 231/01 “ in” The new environmental crimes “, Dike ed. (2017).


In today’s society, which increasingly manifests the characteristics of globalization, security and integration are the two new challenges that the evolution of the migratory phenomenon strongly advances in the current millennium. In this context, some significant institutions closely related to the “Migration System”, such as the recent evolution of the policies of assistance to migrants in Europe, the immigration legislation in force in Italy and some peculiar reforms (from the decriminalization of the so-called “clandestine crime”), are of great importance. up to the approval of the law for unaccompanied foreign minors), some realized, others decidedly unfinished which, over the last few years, have strongly characterized the Italian legislative framework on the subject. These are the main issues, related to the combination of security and integration, which will be analyzed in a critical key during this handling through a broad interpretation perspective which, on the basis of the experiences acquired and the options developed on the field at Italian and European level, will attempt to advance ideas and proposals aimed at regulating the relevant aspects of the phenomenon.

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